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"We'll look right into that..."

I am a dispatcher. My daughter was in University at the time of this story, and she had come home for a weekend break. on Sunday I drove her to the train station to return to the University. I was called out to work, just before I left with her, and not wanting her to miss her train, I grabbed the car keys and left in a hurry. After dropping off my daughter, I realized that I had forgotten my lunch and had to return home before going to work. I found out I had taken the spare car keys, no house keys. I tried the kitchen window at the rear of my home, decided I would try and crawl in. I opened the window successfully, got in, just had enough time to grab my lunch, lock the house properly and take the right keys. I only lived about a 3 minute drive from the Police Office. My first call was from a male, he reported a person crawling in the rear of Mr Power's home, gave my address and described me to a T! Yes, the caller said, he was walking along the rear of my home just a few minutes before and had witnessed a break and enter in progress. Red-faced with embarassment and not wanting to tell him it I that lived there, and I was the one who crawled in through the window, I thanked him for his information, and said that I wished we had more people that would assist our Police, and assured him it was being looked after. I am sure you know the rest, boy did our Police have fun with that one, or should I say with me . Just somthing I wanted to pass along, as I will never forget it.

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