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A Welfare check, and a LITTLE more!

One night while working a very busy swing shift, I got a call from a male subject who wanted to report an ongoing/chronic drug problem at a particular location and he wanted to remain anonymous. Well, we normally transfer these calls to our consolidated narcotics unit and they can handle it on a priority basis that they set for themselves. Of course, at this time of night, my caller would have gotten an answering machine at CNU, so I figured maybe I should question a little bit further. After about 5 minutes, I determined that we were going to need to send officers out, because now my caller was telling me about some child abuse that was also going on. Obviously, we had to go check on the kids. I figured that was the most important part of the call, so I entered it as a welfare check on the kids and only mentioned the narcotics as extra info/officer safety. When the officers got on scene, they almost immediately asked for the bomb squad, a supervisor, the fire department, and the on-call detectives! Turns out that what they had was a very large meth lab at the house! Oh, and the guy who wanted to remain anonymous...he wouldn't give me his name, address, or phone #, but he was willing to give me his social security number!

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