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Troy would like some input...


Hello... My name is Troy I am a 911 dispatcher I have some questions at the end of this letter you may or may not be able to help me with but first I would like to give you some background. I employed by a small fire district in King County, WA. Vashon Island Fire District # 13 Our Island is approximately 54 square miles with a population of approximately 10,000 year round residence with an increasing summer population. We are a volunteer department (Approximately 80 volunteers) that is governed by a 3 member board of commissioners who are elected by the residence of Vashon. The fire department employs two chiefs, two secretaries, a training officer, five full time dispatchers, and four part time dispatchers, as well as two mechanic/maintenance workers, and six resident Firefighhter/EMT’s who man our main station at night And two full time paramedics who are part of King county Medic one program. We have five stations with eight engines four tankers and four ALS aid/rescue units divided between them plus another 10 special service pieces of apparatus. Our communications center is manned by a single dispatcher 24 hours a day our main priority is to answer 911 calls as well as dispatch apparatus and man power for Fire and Medical emergencies we also answer business calls, burn lines, issue fire permits and many other duties to numerous to list. Recently the dispatchers have organized themselves into a bargaining unit "union" the Vashon Fire Emergency Dispatchers Association (VFEDA) for the purpose of collective bargaining and to execute a written (KCFD#13) agreement with respect to grievance procedures and collective negotiations on personnel matters including wages, hours and working conditions with the district. I am the "union representative" and I am trying to get a feel for what comparable wages and benefits are in the industry as to better represent the dispatchers needs, I am wondering if you can be of any help in this regard. Here are some questions you may be able to help with….. 1.) Can you tell me what your pay scale for dispatching is? 2.) What is the size of your city? Population? Square mileage? 3.) How large is your department? 4.) Who do you dispatch for? Fire? Police? Medical? 5.) What other benefits do you receive? Pension? Time off? Insurance? 6.) What is your call volume? 7.) How many employees/dispatchers are on duty at one time? 8.) How are you scheduled for your shifts? 9.) Do you have call receivers and dispatchers or one person doing everything? 10.) What other type of duties do you have when not on 911 calls? Well I am sure I can just keep going but those are some basic questions if you can think of any other important information would you please take the time to write me back. I am sending this letter out to as many dispatchers as I can find email address for so when you write back please tell me where you are located as far as city and state goes also if at all possible I would love to hear about your web pages if you have one. Thank you in advance for your help in my endeavor to educate myself, your help is greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Troy Kindred, VFEDA Representative

Thanks very much for your help!!

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