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Rusty needs some scheduling help


I work for the Indiana State Emergency Management Agency as a dispatcher. We are a 'secondary' response agency in that we do not take 911 type calls from the public. Indiana State Emergency Management Agency is a combination of the State Fire Marshal, Fire and Building Services Commission, EMS Commission, what was the State Civil Defense Office, and the Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI). The PSTI office handles training and certification for all but law enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management. I have attached our web page for your pleasure. We do take calls from public safety agencies in the state, police, fire and EMS for assistance to incidents when they need outside help. Example - a small VFD needs a HAZMAT specialist to identify and help with technical assistance to the incident. We send a "one man HAZMAT team" who has everything from portable gas chromatography, air quality monitors, portable computer databases for chemical identification, handling and disposal. The help I'm asking is if you can point me to any resources for scheduling ideas for dispatch centers. I have the APCO sample schedules and there is one there that can probably be worked to fit our situation, but I'm looking for more. We have 4 dispatchers and a supervisor. The supervisor is not a part of the 'rotation' and we have one operator that their doctor won't let them work a rotating shift, straight 5 on 2 off. We currently work a 7 and 2 rotation starting on evening shifts then day shifts then midnight's. If you have any information for Rusty, please email Thank you!

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