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"Our Friendly Troopers"

One day while I was working phones and radio dispatch, a trooper (we'll call him "Bob") came in to say hi to the dispatchers he would be working with. In the course of conversation, he mentioned that he had almost forgotten to take his badge out of his badge-wallet and put it back on his uniform before going on patrol, only barely noticing the fact that his uniform was without a badge when he looked in the bathroom mirror at the station. One of my fellow dispatchers happened to have a big yellow smiley-face sticker with her, so she stuck it to the middle of Trooper Bob's badge to help him remember to put it on next time. Anyway, after some friendly banter, Trooper Bob had to go out to interview a victim of a crime and take down a written statement for the court. We wished him good luck and went about our business... It wasn't long afterwards when Trooper Bob finished his interview and went out to the detachment office to write his report. As soon as he walked in the door, the other troopers saw his badge, complete with the yellow smiley and said "Hey, what's that??" He had forgotten all about it and done the whole interview with that big, yellow smiling face in the middle of his badge! All the dispatchers had to take a few minutes to regain our composure from laughing so hard after Bob called down to tell us what had happened. To his benefit, I must say that "Bob" handled the situation very calmly. If it had been me, I'm sure I would have been embarassed for days!

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