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The "holy" burglary?

I was dispatching one Saturday night for the "Deep Nights" shift when I dispatched two officers to a burglar alarm. Now in our city we send 2 officers to all burglar alarms during the night and we do not hold them--meaning as soon as I get the call I dispatch it to the closest officers. I had dispatched the call when I noticed the call taker had added some additional information. I pulled up the ticket again, and saw that she had added a message that there were dogs on the premises. When its dark and you are jumping fences to chase burlgers, this is important information. So I sent both officers a MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) message informing them that there were dogs at the location. Just as I hit enter I noticed that instead of typing dogs I had typed Gods. So I had just sent my officers the message "Gods at location" I quickly sent them the message "That would be Dogs! Dogs on premises!" One of the officers sent back "Oh... I thought you had a vision!"

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