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K-9 Trouble

I was not working on the day this happened but I heave heard it told so many times that I feel like I was there. One of our off-duty deputies called in on his portable radio that he needed us to contact animal control ASAP and have them come out to his residence to remove a very aggressive German Shepherd that would not let him out of his personal vehicle. The dispatcher on duty called animal control, but couldn't figure out why the deputy didn't just shoot the dog, knowing that this particular deputy always carried his gun while off-duty. While the deputy is waiting for animal control to get there, the dog backs off a little so he tries to get out of the vehicle but the dog is not going to let him go anywhere. The deputy throws several rocks at the dog but it will not budge and stands its ground. Finally, animal control shows up and gets the dog to crawl into the back of the animal control truck. A few minutes later a city squad car pulls up and asks if they happen to have a German Shepherd in the back of the truck. So they open the truck and there sits the city police officer's K9 dog. Needless to say the K9 handler was not very happy with the dog. First it takes off and then it listens to the animal control worker when it won't listen to its own handler. Our deputy advised the city police officer that his dog was very lucky that day because for the first time in 3 years he had not had his gun on him. Can't you just see the headlines? "County Deputy Shoots City K9".

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