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..How many did you say?

I was working the radio and phones on a busy graveyard shift when an officer advised me he was out of the car contacting a pedestrian and gave me his location. I made a note of it and went on with my business, calling a lady to let her know we had found her wallet.

The lady I was calling turned out to be rather intoxicated, and I was in the middle of explaining the situation to her for the third time when my officer with the pedestrian came back on the radio... "Would you advise the local police department, there are some males here in the roadway." I acknowleged this, then the officer added "There are a couple hundred of them at least." Now, I had just finished some required reading on Unusual Occurence Procedures, what to do in an earthquake or mass riot or whatever, so I was all ready to snap into action. First I relayed to the other officers on the road that their partner was out with several hundred males in the road and needed backup, and quickly putting my intoxicated wallet-less female on hold, I dialed the local police dispatch to get them rolling as well. I had law enforcement officers of all kinds enroute to help him with lights and sirens blaring and I was just getting ready to advise the supervisor and the Captain to get a command post set up when the officer who started the whole thing called back on the radio. "I don't think you understood correctly... I'm out with several hundred NAILS in the roadway, as in the things that pop your tires. There are no males here other than this one pedestrian who was warning traffic about the nails in the road!"

This was just too much. Maybe at 3 o'clock in the morning anything will seem funny, but I think this one topped them all. I could hardly stop laughing long enough to relay this information to all the units responding, and they were having a very difficult time advising me that they received it because they were laughing so hard.

Almost immediately, that story became quite famous around our department, and now you can ask almost anyone about the night of a hundred males in the roadway.

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