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Old Lady vs. Burglers

I work for a small city surrounded by a large metropolitan city. Our city has a fairly affluent population with a lot of elderly citizens. One night when I was fairly new I recieved a 911 call from an elderly female in distress because two men are trying to break into her home. I confirm her address and telephone number, and tell her to stay on the line with me. I then ask her where she is in her home (at the same time dispatching units to her location). She said that she was at the front door holding it closed. I asked her if the door was ajar at all, to which she replied yes. Her reply takes me by surprise for a moment and I'm thinking to myself "How in the world is an elderly female able to hold the door closed if TWO MEN are trying to open it" and "Why don't I hear any kind of commotion". My officers arrive and shortly thereafter return to service and N-code the call (which means that it is not necessary to fill out a report). The responding officer then asks me to call him at a payphone. When I call him he says, "You are not going to believe this one! When I arrived, I could hear an awful wailing from what sounded like a cat. I approached the house and can see a cat trying desperately to get it's tail out of the front door to this house. This lady was yelling from inside the house to leave her alone, that she has called the police. I identified myself as a police officer and tell her to open the door. She opens the door and the poor cat takes off running. I tried to tell her that she had shut the door on a cat's tail but she refused to believe me and told me I needed to go catch those men that were trying to get her door open." Although I felt sorry for that poor woman, I just could not stop laughing!

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