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Is this the Organ Bank?

I answer "911 is this an emergency" and a female replied "I need a liver". I said "excuse me?" She then said it again "I need a liver". I replied, "You have the sheriff's office". She hung up. A few moments later another call. Once again I answered, "911 is ths an emergency?" and the same woman asked "Is this the organ donor bank?" I said "This is Anderson County SO and we don't have a liver to spare. You wouldn't want mine either, because it's slightly used and probably damaged!!!!"

Selling what?

My co-worker "george" anwered the phone. He was new to south Florida, and new to dispatching in general. He hung up the phone after a rather agitating phone call, looked at me and said "You won't belive that idiot." I asked him what happened, and he told me the woman called to complain about a guy selling "rocks" in front of her house. He asked her what the problem was with that. She replied, "What do you mean what's the problem?" He told her "So what? If people are stupid enough to buy rocks...let the guy make a buck." I stared at him in disbelief. I said "We have to go on that call!" He asked me why and I said "because it's ILLEGAL". He started turning red and he asked "What the heck are you talking about?" I said "haven't you ever heard of rocks?" He looked at me said "what do you mean?" I explained to him that she was talking about "rocks" of cocaine and that she was reporting a drug dealer selling illegal drugs to people outside her house! Hopefully, he learned to listen a little more closely to 911 callers.

A little down in the mouth...

A woman called 911...just a tad drunk. She said she needed an officer to come out to get her teeth out of the toilet. The dispatcher said "what???" and the woman explained that she had just thrown up and her false teeth flew out and went down the toilet. They were stuck and she wanted them out. The dispatcher tried to explain to her that she needed to call a plumber. The woman responded by saying it was Sunday, and no-one would come out. The dispatcher told her that in no way could we send an officer out there to reach down her toilet for her false teeth. She told the woman to get it fixed Monday. She replied by saying "Oh I can't do that! It's an emergency". The dispatcher asked her why it was an emergency and she replied "Because my boyfriend doesn't know I have false teeth!"

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