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Seatbelts really DO save lives!

Submitted by Joyce (TEN37FHP)
The following is just a brief account of a situation that FHP handled in January 1997

Driving southbound on SR 826 in Miami coming back from a visit to the pediatrician, a female driver was cut off and veered her car to the right shoulder to avoid a collision. Sitting in the back seat of her vehicle was her sister and 3month old nephew. In veering to avoid the collision, her vehicle swerved across two lanes of traffic, onto the right shoulder, over the service road, and ending up crashing into a home that was off the service road. The driver and her sister sustained minor injuries, but the 3month old infant (the sister's first born) was repelled from the vehicle quite some distance from the crash site, and needless to say, was killed instantly. The driver and her sister had their seat belts on, but the infant was only belted into the infant carrier. Had the mother of the child taken a few extra minutes to fasten the infant seat with the vehicle's seat belt, the child may have survived on minor injuries as they did. The women now have to live with the loss of that child due to their neglect in taken the extra precaution, which in the State of Florida is a law that all children through the age of 4 years of age must be in a federally approved child restraint seat and fastened into the vehicle by the vehicles seat belt. The Florida Highway Patrol will also provide families free of charge a federally approved child restraint seat if they cannot afford to purchase on on their own.

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