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Sign here, please!

The clerk at one of the Wawa Convience stores in town called one night to report that the store had just been a victim of a theft. A group of four shoplifters had grabbed the carton cigarrette display, loaded it in their vehicle and driven away.   In questioning the caller she was not able to proved a physical description of the accused, a vehicle description of the accused or a direction of travel.   I asked the caller if there was anything at all that she could tell me that would help identify the perpetrators. She replied with four full names and addresses of the suspects!  She said that before taking the smokes and running,  all four of them had signed a in-store petition and left their names and home addresses.   I was laughing so hard I was having a hard time informing the responding two units.   Enough said for stupid crooks!
           - Chris H. 

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