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Performing Surgery...?

While sitting at a 911 position on a busy evening where it seemed all hell was breaking loose in the city, I answer a call coming from a payphone at a downtown gas station, the man calling asked me to send an ambulance. I ask him what the ambulance was needed for and he answered that he needed a doctor to help him with surgery. "What type of surgery?" "I'm trying to cut the transmitters out of my arm but there's too much red blood" (mind you this man is as calm and straight faced as they come.) Obviously I start an ambulance to his location wondering how badly this poor confused man hurt himself. However since we just had a riot break out on "the block" there were no city officers to send to assist the poor ambulance crew that was already almost on scene, so we dispatched a county deputy to the call.

Meanwhile I'm keeping him on the line asking him questions and he goes on to tell me about his roommate who was at the gas station with him but had left him there alone (poor man!) "How long have these transmitters been there?" I ask. "A couple years now, but I can't take it anymore." "Do they hurt?" "Sometimes." "What did you use to try to cut them out?" "A razor." "Where's the razor now?" "I threw it away." "How badly are you bleeding?" "Oh there's red blood everywhere, will you help me stop the red blood?" "Yes, we're sending the ambulance to take you to the hospital." "I just need a doctor to stop the red blood." "Well the hospital can help you stop the bleeding, ok? just wait til the ambulance gets there." Soon I hear the sirens (whew) and I hear the paramedic asking the man how it happened and the other takes the phone and asks who's on the line. I answer, "This is the 911 center who's this?" "The fire department we'll take it from here" he answered. "Ok,thanks" and I disconnected. I asked the deputy later and the man did have superficial wounds where he had apparently thought he was taking out these "transmitters" those fellow dispatchers: just think for every special interest person that calls us there are that many more out there that we never hear from..........

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