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New Uniform for Communications

The Washington State Patrol Communications Section is getting a new uniform, which will be chosen by a commitee of Communications Officers. The reason for the change is for our safety, because our present uniform is exactly the same as that of the troopers, minus the bullet-proof vest, gun, OC-10, handcuffs, radio, etc. Any bad guys that see us out to lunch or going to and from work only see a "Trooper" that can't shoot back or call for help, an easy target!!

Our new uniform will have to look professional and identify us with WSP Communications, yet not look at all like an officer's uniform. We are presently trying to decide exactly what the new uniform should look like and what it should be made out of, etc.

That's where YOU come in! If you have any ideas that could help us design a new uniform, please E-Mail your ideas to me and I will share them with our uniform commitee for consideration. I would appreciate any views you have on the matter, especially if your department has a similar policy and you have found an acceptable solution.

Thanks very much for your help!!

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