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Shortness of WHAT?

I have been dispatching for almost three years at a small town 911 center and the funniest mishap I can possibly remember would have to be at my own expense I think. In August of 96 we began dispatching for our local EMS service, which finally made us central, ems, police, fire/rescue, and a group of first responders, medically trained civilians who respond in the area they live in to all medical calls. I, luckily was one of the first to get to dispatch out our ambulance service. The call came in to us as an elderly lady experiencing 'shortness of breath'. I took down all the information and proceeded to call out the unit and little did I know we would remember that til today . "McNairy EMS , you need to respond to 132 N Main(fictional address) to an elderly w/f experiencing "shortness of breasts". Needlessly to say, I have made a boo that will go in history in our county!!

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