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Who is enroute?

In my first week working as a 911 operator, I dispatched our emergency units to the address of a gun shot victim.
Things were a bit crazy in the communications center and needless to say I was a bit nervous. While the fire dept and ambulance crew were enroute our Police dept was also being dispatched.The dispatcher siting on police side yelled at me to have the responding units "stage-out" until law officers could get there and secure the scene.
I immediately got on the radio and meant to say "stage out..10-80's are in route" Instead, I had a brain lapse and said
"Engine 3, advised.."stage out".. 10-60's are in route." I instantly realized I just told the crew's that "dead people" were on their way. My Supervisor (between roars of laughter) told me to get back on the radio and make a correction, but it was too late. EVERYONE heard the mistake. Two hours later, I thought the joking was done, Nope,the Shift Commander heard it on his radio driving home. He called to ask me if the "10-60's" had any problems with their toe tags getting stuck on the gas peddle!

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